Wood Rot Repair




Our high-quality deck staining service is designed to enhance and protect your outdoor living space. With meticulous attention to detail, we expertly apply premium stains that not only enrich the natural beauty of your deck but also safeguard it against the elements. Our process involves thorough preparation, ensuring the stain penetrates deeply and delivers long-lasting results. The result is a revitalized deck that radiates charm and durability, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor haven for years to come.

Wood Rot Repair - Before Wood Rot Repair - After

Wood Rot, Sidings

& Columns

These are prime examples of what happens when the bases of columns are neglected.

The paint film is the only protection between the wood, sun and rain. The paint film needs to be well maintained at all times which in turn will save the expense of replacing the complete column prematurely. These columns support the roof over the porch and carry the heavy load. If they are not replaced soon then the part of the roof structure will be jeopardized.

This repair is going to be expensive. Just by doing an annual maintenance touch up this could have been prevented.

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3 Reasons Why Repairing Wood Rot Is Urgent



Avoid Larger


Preventing Pest Infestations

Why Leave This To The Pros?

Expert Assessment: Professionals have the expertise to accurately assess the extent of the wood rot damage. Their experience allows them to identify hidden issues and recommend the most suitable repair solutions.

Precise Repairs: Professionals know how to skillfully remove rotted wood, replace it with matching materials, and restore structural integrity. Their precision ensures repairs are effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Specialized Knowledge: Handling wood rot involves understanding the underlying causes and addressing them to prevent future recurrence. Professionals possess the specialized knowledge needed to identify and remedy these causes.

Proper Tools and Techniques: Professionals have access to the right tools and techniques to handle wood rot repair efficiently and effectively. This includes specialized tools for removal, treatment, and replacement.

Safety: Professionals are trained to handle tools and equipment safely. This reduces the risk of accidents or injuries that can occur when attempting complex repairs without the necessary skills.

Peace of Mind: Entrusting wood rot repairs to a professional gives you peace of mind, knowing that the job will be done right the first time. You can rely on their experience to restore your property’s integrity.


Justin, Antwon and Steven did a fantastic job. They were prompt, courteous and dedicated to doing excellent work. This is the second time we have used Phillip Patterson Painting (different issues) and both had outstanding results.

– Jerry P.