When you decide it’s time to paint your home’s exterior, the discovery of wood rot and damage during the cleaning and prep phase can be a concern. Finding a carpenter to make these repairs on time can be challenging. As a full-service paint contractor with experienced in-house carpenters, we offer a hassle-free solution. Our skilled carpenters swiftly handle repairs, ensuring your project stays on track. This seamless integration of painting and carpentry results in efficient, high-quality work, providing you with confidence in a job well done.

Carpentry-Before Carpentry-After

Our Carpentry Services:

– Interior moulding and trim

– Interior wood repair

Window repair & window sill replacement

– Facia repair

– Cornice repair

– Wood fence repair

– Deck repair

– Siding repair

– Exterior moulding and trim- crown, base board chair rail etc.

 – Wood rot repair of all types

Key Steps To A Good Repair Job

– Assess the problem at hand

– Fix the source of the problem. so it will not reoccur

– Repair any underlying structural damage

– Repair cosmetic damage

– Apply a quality paint job to protect it from the elements

Window-Carpentry-Before Window-Carpentry-After

One Stop Shop

Save yourself the headache of finding separate paint and carpentry contractors and hire a full service paint contractor that does both.

The Phillip Patterson Painting Difference



Focus On




Why hire a full service paint contractor with in house carpenters?

– Good communication and seamless work between trades

– Better quality control , high quality end product

– Less complicated one bid – one bill

– Less hassle than trying to coordinate the work yourself

– Easy scheduling with only 1 business instead of multiple

– One contractor, one reputation

– Project stays on schedule


Justin, Antwon and Steven did a fantastic job. They were prompt, courteous and dedicated to doing excellent work. This is the second time we have used Phillip Patterson Painting (different issues) and both had outstanding results.

– Jerry P.