Deck Staining




Our high-quality deck staining service is designed to enhance and protect your outdoor living space. With meticulous attention to detail, we expertly apply premium stains that not only enrich the natural beauty of your deck but also safeguard it against the elements. Our process involves thorough preparation, ensuring the stain penetrates deeply and delivers long-lasting results. The result is a revitalized deck that radiates charm and durability, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor haven for years to come.


Elevate Your Deck’s Beauty with Expert Staining

If you love spending time outside, especially on your deck, it is very important to keep it looking fresh year after year. We recommend your deck being painted or stained every 3-4 years to keep a polished look. Not only will your deck look polished, by re-staining or repainting it will protect your deck from excessive moisture and avoid rotting. With our deck painting services, you can quickly transform your deck to look like it is brand new every year.

Elevate Your Deck’s Beauty with Expert Staining

Why Have The Pros Handle Your Deck?








Exceed Your Expections

Whether you have a brand new deck or one that has aged, Phillip Patterson Painting will help cater to your personal taste. Our team of professionals will work with you to deliver the best results and exceed your expectations. Our skilled craftsmen will do the job right, maintaining our commitment to quality and high standards. 

Patterson painted all exterior wood trim and stained our deck. We hadn’t had this done in several years so it was in bad shape.
Also we have a 2-story house on a fall-away lot so some areas are more like 3 stories. Our foreman was Antwon. The crew had to deal with temps in the 90s and occasional tropical downpours. Antwon kept us informed daily on progress, what they were doing, and what was going to happen the next day. Very hard working guy and a leader. Crew was polite and professional and easy to get along with. Our next-door neighbor already asked if we would recommend Patterson and we said yes, highly!