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Our company specializes in professional wallpaper removal services, where experience creates quality. Backed by years of industry experience, we ensure the removal is carried out efficiently and effectively, leaving your walls ready for their next transformation. Our commitment to delivering impeccable results showcases our unwavering dedication to quality, making us the top choice for all your wallpaper removal needs.

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Wallpaper removal can be a challenging task, often requiring expertise to achieve the desired results. The process involves more than just peeling off layers – it demands careful attention to avoid damaging the underlying surface. Our experienced team understands the intricacies involved, making the difficult task seem effortless. With a track record of successful removals, we ensure that even the toughest wallpaper removal projects are handled with precision and finesse, guaranteeing a smooth and clean finish.

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How We Estimate Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal is a difficult area to estimate properly because so many factors that influence the successful completion of the job are unseen and can’t be observed until work is begun. For this reason, when we quote a price for wallpaper removal, the following factors are used to establish the estimated cost.

  • We assume that 1 layer of paper is to be removed.
  • We assume that the surface was properly prepared with a sealer before the wall covering was applied. This means that the paper or wall covering will release relatively cleanly from the surface.
  • We assume that standard wallpaper glues were used, and no especially difficult or troublesome glues or adhesives were used to apply the wallpaper.
  • We assume that some scarring will occur in the removal process, but no excessive damage will be done in removing the wallpaper. (In other words, the majority of the wall surface will be intact, with no large gouges or holes caused by extremely tight adhesion, improper surface preparation or a deteriorated wall surface.)

The painters were professional. They showed up when they said the would. They started by explaining what they were going to do, according what was on the quote and how much it was going to be for add ons if we wanted more painting or drywall work and what they were going to do first. They did exactly what they said they would.

– Mark B.