Shop Facility and Shop Spraying

Louisville paint service with shop

Some items we need to spray to get the best finish. Spraying on the job site most of the time is not appropriate since the overspray can’t be controlled. For this reason we find it necessary to have a shop equipped with a filtered spray booth. We have also set up a drying rack where certain items can be stored while still wet till the sprayed finish dry and fully cured.

These panels have been sprayed in a horizontal position and then moved into the drying rack where they will be stored flat and undisturbed till dried and cured.

Most of what we spray is shutters, patio furniture, cabinet doors/shelves and lumber before installation.

This patio furniture was wire brushed, washed, treated for rust and then sprayed with 2 coats of top grade gloss exterior black enamel. It looks great and will last for years.