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Painter Louisville, KY

Painter Louisville, KYAt Phillip Patterson Painting, Inc., we put quality above all else. Whenever we wear our work uniform and head to our client’s place to do our job, we always ensure that we come fully prepared for the tasks ahead. For years, our company has rendered exceptional services that a true painter provides. From Louisville, Jeffersontown, St. Matthews, and Middleton to other locations across Kentucky, we have made countless property owners truly happy and delighted with the flawless paint jobs that we do.

Call us today and let our team of professional painters tackle your concern no matter how challenging it may be.

Reliable Painting Services

Be it a typical private home in Louisville or a commercial building in a nearby city, clients can bank on our lengthy experience as a professional painter.

Collectively, our crews have several decades’ worth of relevant experience offering first-rate painting services. Accordingly, our painters have achieved a truly unquestionable level of expertise in their craft. From correctly quoting the prices for particular paint jobs to mixing paint colors to achieve the exact specifications set by clients, you can trust in our team of painters to always satisfy your needs and expectations.

Qualities Property Owners Must Look for in a Painter

Given that most paint jobs involve considerable amount of money and time, you should be extra careful when choosing a painter to work on your home or business establishment. Accordingly, it would help to be on the lookout for the following qualities:

Painter Louisville, KY
  • Lengthy experience – Like in many specialized tasks, painting the interior or exterior (or both) of a home or commercial space requires lengthy experience. It’s like choosing between a painter who knows the right time to apply first and second coats and one who only knows how to handle a paintbrush. In the hands of a newbie, the results can be disastrous.

  • Access to finest materials – The best paint services companies already have partner suppliers and manufacturers of various painting materials and supplies. So it makes sense to choose a painter with such quality, such as us at Phillip Patterson Painting, Inc.

  • Professionalism – Since you will likely be allowing painting crews to go in and out of your home or business establishment, you should hire those with proven professionalism and work ethic. Incidentally, our company has been known for our crews’ high level of professionalism when working on paint jobs. We can guarantee you that we will respect everyone in your property and that we will take extra care not to break or damage anything as we do our job.

  • Competitive rates – Go for a painting contractor that offers market-competitive rates so you won’t worry about going over your budget. Our company offers client-friendly prices for the services that we offer to accommodate the most number of clients possible.

Comprehensive Paint Job Services

Our company offers comprehensive paint job services to clients in Louisville, KY and other locations. We have skilled and courteous painters who can work on exteriors and interiors of homes, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, offices, and other properties.

Whether you only need a painter to do one room in your house, or you need several crews to give your entire property a brand-new look, rest assured that we will dispatch only professional personnel. This way, you’re assured of commendable results delivered ahead of deadline.

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