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Exterior Painting & Staining, Pressure Washing, Patio Furniture.

Exterior PaintingOur proposal will spell out specific work to be done in various areas in and around your home or business. It will address the items to be painted, how many coats to be applied, etc. Our job proposals are very detailed. You won't have to guess what is included. The information on you proposal is given to the job foreman to ensure that your job will be completed per your agreement with us.

Our exterior services can beautify your home or business, but even more importantly, they can protect it. Whether it is painting, staining, pressure washing or shop-spraying patio furniture, we offer a wide variety of services to keep your home or business looking its best and to protect it from the elements. This can also include services such as caulking, glazing and concrete sealing. Other services may be available as needed.

Exterior PaintingOne of the most important parts of ensuring a quality exterior paint job is properly cleaning and washing the surface. For this reason, we wash all exterior surfaces that are to be painted before we begin painting. We will make notes of the extent of washing your home or business needs on our proposal. Mildewed surfaces may receive a bleach treatment. Most exterior surfaces will be pressure washed and delicate surfaces or ones that require more detailed cleaning may be hand washed.

Exterior PaintingWhen we're working on your home, we will make all reasonable attempts to protect your landscaping and plants. We understand the value and beauty that landscaping provides and will be mindful of keeping it intact. If the landscaping is such that we either cannot paint safely without damaging it, or if it is impossible to reach an area due to the landscaping, we will make this clear in the proposal.

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